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    UCPlayer- S60V5 Eng By Ranjan

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    UCPlayer- S60V5 Eng By Ranjan

    Post by Sukarno on Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:11 am

    UCPlayer- S60V5 Eng By Ranjan

    Some Features are:
    - Local
    1. Totally free media player tool for
    smooth playback of most known mobile
    streaming media files
    2. Full screen floating control bar,
    allows full-screen, display mode
    switching, picture zoom and other
    3. Support to manually set the file
    association to facilitate the use of
    audio and video playback of local video
    4. Support a variety of shortcuts to
    function, full screen, mute, one-button
    direct access to local listings, etc.
    - Online
    1. By UC browser video navigation, video
    and more comprehensive, easier to find
    2. Related videos, classification
    recommendation to provide a large number
    of the latest video content, direct
    point directly connected
    3. Online TV Live: covers most domestic
    television(china only)
    4. Mass-on-demand video Online Play:
    Friends of the degree, Youku, potatoes
    and other video sites
    5. Various forms of online play: radio,
    listening to the mp3, MTV, video, etc.
    6. A number of different network
    bandwidth versions: smooth, clear

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