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    Mobile Download Accelerator v1.43.12 S60v5

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    Mobile Download Accelerator v1.43.12 S60v5

    Post by Sukarno on Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:14 pm

    Mobile Download Accelerator v1.43.12 S60v5

    Vendor: 1000 CHI Software Technology.
    Language: English.
    Mobile Download Accelerator - Using the
    software for Smartphone Mobile Download
    Accelerator at your disposal will be a
    decent download manager.
    Integrates into a standard browser and
    intercepts links to download.
    For the most part of the application is
    useful only to those who use the
    standard browser for viewing Web pages
    and downloading files.
    - Interception of all links from a
    standard browser in its interface;
    - Download File formats:
    Jar, Rar, Zir, Sis, Sish;
    - Secure file download;
    - Select a local drive and directory to
    save files;
    - Dozagruzka files;
    - Ability to download up to three files
    - Sound notification of completion of
    - Rename the downloaded file.

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