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    Trill v1.00(4) S60v3 240x320 Symbian OS9.x Signed [Twitter Client]

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    Trill v1.00(4) S60v3 240x320 Symbian OS9.x Signed [Twitter Client]

    Post by Sukarno on Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:08 pm

    Trill v1.00(4) S60v3 240x320 Symbian OS9.x Signed [Twitter Client]

    Trill v1.00(4) S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed
    {State Of the Art Twitter Client}
    Are you a Twitter Fan? Do you miss
    Tweeting when you are on the move? Ever
    wished for a quality Twitter client
    available for free? Well, Trill might be
    the answer to your prayers for a decent
    Twitter client for non-touchscreen S60
    Following the phenomenal explosion of
    Twitter service and to satisfy the
    ever-growing user demand for more
    sophisticated freeware twitter
    application for S60 devices Spice Labs,
    a product development and marketing
    company in the Mobile Internet and
    Applications has announced its new
    Twitter application non-touchscreen
    Trill is a "State Of the Art" Twitter
    client for your Nokia device that brings
    a eye candy transitions and animation
    all together with the easy to use user
    Trill allows you to manage your Twitter
    presence on the go. Things like updating
    your timeline, responding to friends,
    browsing the links, tracking tags etc.
    Interacting with the world in 140
    characters had never been more fun

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