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    ZXReader v.2.0.0 Beta1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.2OS9.3 Signed

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    ZXReader v.2.0.0 Beta1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.2OS9.3 Signed

    Post by Sukarno on Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:03 am

    ZXReader v.2.0.0 Beta1 S60v3 SymbianOS9.2OS9.3 Signed

    Key features:

    » Supported formats: TXT, FB2, ZIP (containing TXT or FB2), TCR;
    » Support for most encodings;
    » Automatic change of portrait/landscape mode when the phone turns;
    » Support touch control;
    » Full screen mode;
    » Fonts settings, including third-party *.ttf;
    » Pages autoscrolling;
    » Backlight control: brightness, constancy;
    » Text processing: hyphenation words, bonding lines (cutted into the line of certain width in text editors);
    » Split screen on a few active zones, for each of which can to set a certain command.

    What's new:

    » The program is put, regardless of previous versions, do not interfere with each other
    » The first time you are some one-time actions that will take some time
    » Read mode is almost identical to version 1.5.0.
    » Temporarily remove auto-listing. Future versions will be returned
    » Temporarily remove finger scrolling. Negatives have caused many readers, especially seen positive. Most likely will return in the form of kinetic scrolling
    » Footnotes are now opened to full screen and is available the full range of functions read mode. Exit footnotes - click on the icon at the bottom right or the right soft
    » Pictures are not flushed to disk. The exception is miniature artwork for the library
    » Mode menu is identical to version 1.5.0
    » Settings made on the basis of the file system - nested structure, each element or group, or setting
    » Settings were approximately as in 1.5.0, changed group
    » Is posed by the full protection of deactivating the menu
    » Options are grouped by profiles, all of them can be up to 5. Current profile is selected from menu. Every profile is editable name
    » In the settings added command reset
    » Added setting of the cache. The program now reads the original files without copying them into the cache (but has to do to decompress the zip). But the result of parsing the file can be stored in the cache, in this case, the next time will book quickly. So, decide what is more important than speed or disk space.
    » The library is still two modes - a file system and books, switching between them or by clicking on the acc. button on the screen, or press 0
    » The file system is made not as a tree, but as a panel in the manner of Total commander
    » In the file system, you can choose a book to read, it is automatic added to the library and will read
    » In the file system, you can add all the current folder in which you are. This process will take some time. Accelerate possible to include the settings in "Fast reading when you add to the library, but it will not be read cover to fb2 (opening this fb2 read the cover will still be readable)
    » To perform various actions on files called panel with commands
    List of books is also embedded structure, whose form is dependent on user selection - a flat list, grouping by author, series, etc.
    » Order books are also user-configurable
    » When activated, the books in the library will be proposed action - Open, Properties, Delete, and so on. Properties - go to the viewing and editing of data about the book (name, author, etc.). Not all data is allowed to edit. Data is read from the file, so for fb2 they will be filled, for txt - no
    » To perform various actions on the books in library called panel with commands
    » Maximum quantitative books in the library - 300. When you add 301 books, the oldest is removed. Age books is the date of the last opening
    » When you change the background color do not forget to immediately change the color and text, and you can get the background color of the text is equal, ie screen will be monochrome.

    [NOTE]: Symbian 9.1 - not supported!

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    32MB Member

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    Paragon Handy Converter v2.09 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cr@cked-FoXPDA

    Post by Sukarno on Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:04 am

    Paragon Handy Converter v2.09 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Unsigned Cr@cked-FoXPDA

    Handy Converter is your all-in-one
    currency and unit conversion solution
    for your device. Handy Converter lets
    you save your time and money, especially
    abroad, by professionally performing
    various currency calculations and units
    of measure conversion righton your
    mobile screen! Whether you are on
    business trip or vacation, leave the
    calculations to Handy Converter!
    Handy Converter allows you to:
    Quickly and easily convert given amount
    to up to 3 foreign currencies at the
    same time!
    New! Choose Currency Rates provided by
    Federal Reserve System of USA, Bank of
    Canada, European Central Bank or Russian
    Central Bank.
    Take into account not only the specific
    rates, but commission as well with Handy
    Converter for Nokia N95 ! No more
    extensive calculations in front of
    exchange booth.
    Don’t be confused by different
    measure systems any more! Handy
    Converter will provide you with a
    certain number of the most frequently
    used measures you can come across:
    length, weight, temperature, speed,
    area, volume…
    Convert different types of size:
    clothes, shirts and shoes from 7 main

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